Our philosophy

ADERRO project is not designed merely as a commercial company. The basic idea was to create a set of right principles and best fits the needs of those who identify and adhere to them wherever they are in Romania. Together with our partners, we give energy to ADERRO community.


We believe in our values and our goal is to not deviate from them:


to our customers. We want satisfied customers and for that we give them all our knowledge and experience. How long our customers exist, we also exist.


in business relations. To raise towers we need solid foundations. These are the characters of people who are building them.


and predictability are two basic requirements that we set for ourselves in our relationships. Only then we can create trust and sustainability of our activities.


is more than a nice word. We try to purchase clean energy and friendly for environment. We are involved in community activities in which we operate. We take full responsibility for what we say and what we do.